From stitching, printing (both screen & digital) to packaging, outsource your inventory & manufacturing woes with surety of quality & timely delivery with Plakads.

Blank Clothing

We wholesale popular apparel products in a variety of colours & sizes at extraordinarily low MOQs. From T-Shirts; Crop Tops; Joggers & Jackets, get consistent colours & fits.

Customize Everything

From GSM; Fabric Blends to silicon finishes, special dyes to special inks & threads, to custom cuts & stitching, we can customize everything to ensure your vision meets reality.

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Screen Printing
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Fabric Cutting

Welcome to Plakads Apparel

Established in 1990, the Plakads name stands as a symbol of trust and efficiency. Over the years, we have carved a niche in the industry by providing our customers with not just reliability & trust. At Plakads Apparel, our goal is to further this legacy, continually elevating standards in every aspect of our business.

From ready-made garments perfect for private-labeling, to bespoke, made-to-order products, Plakads Apparel is your ideal partner. We manage an extensive range of processes - from design inputs, knitting, cutting, and stitching, to printing, finishing, and packaging - ensuring a wide variety of high-quality options to meet your specific needs.

Yarn Sourcing

We source the finest yarns from certified suppliers, ensuring the highest quality materials for our fabrics. Our extensive network allows us to provide a wide range of yarn options.

Yarn Sourcing

Knitting & Weaving

We offer top-notch knitting and weaving services, customizing fabrics with various GSM, blends, and structures to meet your specific requirements.

Knitting & Weaving

Cutting & Patterns

Using cutting-edge AI-enabled software, we offer precise cutting and pattern-making services, ensuring the perfect fit and exceptional quality for every garment.

Cutting & Pattern Making

Screen Printing

We use high-quality inks, which are eco-friendly & durable. We can do water-based or plastisol inks in addition to HD Printing; Puff Printing; CMYK Prints & half-tones and much more.

Screen Printing

Machine Embroidery

We do custom computerized embroidery with quality bobbins & special threads, alongside sequins & other finishes like embossing, applique & tie-dye.

Embroidery & Applique

Finishing & Packaging

From customized labels sewed into products as per order, custom folds and quality checks, we ensure that every product that leaves our unit has the most value add.

Finishing & Packaging
The Plakads Family

Trusted by hundreds of companies & brands.

With more than 30+ Years of legacy, the Plakads Family, across all sectors has served hundreds of global brands & delivered quality. Plakads Apparel personally serves various corporate & fashion brands, both in domestic & export markets, in addition to hundreds of small-to-medium scale companies.

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