From stitching, printing (both screen & digital) to packaging, outsource your inventory & manufacturing woes with surety of quality & timely delivery with Plakads.

Blank Clothing

We wholesale popular apparel products in a variety of colours & sizes at extraordinarily low MOQs. From T-Shirts; Crop Tops; Joggers & Jackets, get consistent colours & fits.

Customize Everything

From GSM; Fabric Blends to silicon finishes, special dyes to special inks & threads, to custom cuts & stitching, we can customize everything to ensure your vision meets reality.

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Screen Printing
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Fabric Cutting

Welcome to Plakads Apparel

Established in 1990, the Plakads name stands as a symbol of trust and efficiency. Over the years, we have carved a niche in the industry by providing our customers with not just reliability & trust. At Plakads Apparel, our goal is to further this legacy, continually elevating standards in every aspect of our business.

From ready-made garments perfect for private-labeling, to bespoke, made-to-order products, Plakads Apparel is your ideal partner. We manage an extensive range of processes - from design inputs, knitting, cutting, and stitching, to printing, finishing, and packaging - ensuring a wide variety of high-quality options to meet your specific needs.

Knitting & Dyeing

We customize fabric with quality knitting and dyeing techniques. From custom GSM, fabric blends, knit-structures & dye finishes, ensuring vibrant colors and quality material.

Knitting & Dyeing

Screen Printing

We use high-quality inks, which are eco-friendly & durable. We can do water-based or plastisol inks in addition to HD Printing; Puff Printing; CMYK Prints & half-tones and much more.

Screen Printing

Cutting & Stitching

We use cutting edge AI-enabled cutting & pattern-making software, allowing us to customize various shapes, sizes for garments, allowing the perfect fit, modern machines with the latest features allow durable & comfortable stitch

Cutting & Stitching

DTF & Vinyl Prints

Modern Japanese machinery alongside quality Korean Films & Inks, these modern techniques allow for a wide variety of effects & finishes, for a low quantity. Vinyl finishes such as gold, silver, reflective, puff & high-density are also available.

DTF & Vinyl Printing

Finishing & Packaging

From customized labels sewed into products as per order, custom folds and quality checks, we ensure that every product that leaves our unit has the most value add.

Finishing & Packaging

Embroidery & More

We do custom computerized embroidery with quality bobbins & special threads, alongside sequins & other finishes like embossing, applique & tie-dye.

Embroidery & More
The Plakads Family

Trusted by hundreds of companies & brands.

With more than 30+ Years of legacy, the Plakads Family, across all sectors has served hundreds of global brands & delivered quality. Plakads Apparel personally serves various corporate & fashion brands, both in domestic & export markets, in addition to hundreds of small-to-medium scale companies.

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