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Sampling & Quotation

At Plakads, we believe in through communication & testing, we can provide sample lots for you to test and be assured before ordering. A thorough price break-up is also provided to ensure transparency.


Sourcing & Agreement

Once we get a initial approval, we finalize the delivery terms precisely and cover every situation, providing clarity and assuring consistency, our sourcing is fast and allows us to use quality raw materials.


Production & Delivery

A large part of the production is meticulously undertaken in-house using our state-of-art infrastructure, assuring quality. Even when sub-contracting, we have strong checks, giving us tight control over the result.


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Our Services

Plakads in Core Processes

Cutting & Stitching

Discover quality cutting & stitching services at Plakads Apparel. Our skilled craftsmen and modern machinery ensure precise garment production.

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Knitting & Dyeing

Fabric is the heart of any apparel item. We carefully steer the knitting & dying to ensure quality, consistency & that we cater to your needs.

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Printing & Fusing

Explore Plakads' range of printing services, including screen, vinyl printing, and DTF. We deliver high-quality prints to meet your apparel needs.

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Embroidery & More

Explore Plakads Apparel's high-quality embroidery, applique, and patch services that add sophistication and uniqueness to your apparel.

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Finishing & Packaging

Discover Plakads' finishing & packaging services that ensure your apparel is completed with perfection. From steam ironing to custom packing, we have it all.

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Sampling Service

All our products are available as samples, custom cut designs are can also be made on request, follow this page for sample prices and details.

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