Unisex Hoodies

Plakads apparel's Unisex Hoodies are made with 300 GSM Cotton Fleece, a perfect choice for cold tropical winters and mild winters in Europe & North America. Hoodies can also customized with a variety of additions like Zippers etc and also be made in custom specified colours and materials, as per availability.


Colours Available

Dispatch Time


Hoodies are standard items for all brands, stores & corporates during the winter season. As most of our clients exist in the northern hemisphere, our production timeline for winter items such as Hoodies & Sweatshirts generally exists between July-October, with exceptions for orders with satisfactory quantities. During the production season, we keep stock in a variety of colours and sizes, allowing our customers to avail consistent quality & attractive prices at low minimum order quantities.

Cotton fleece is a type of fabric that is perfect for winter wear, particularly for hoodies and sweatshirts. It is a thick, warm, and cozy fabric that provides excellent insulation in cold weather. We also provide a variety of customizations like printing, embroidery, applique, to options like zipper, custom lace and more.

Colours & Size Details:

Our size chart is carefully made, after analysis of thousands of pieces made by us for brands, corporates and stores and is ideal for mass-market. However, we can customize and use your size chart as well, however that would increase the MOQ requirements.

  • Available Colours: Apart from White, Black & Blue Shades, our colours for hoodies keep varying. Contact us to know the available colours.
  • Sizes Available (S - XXL): We offer a wide range of sizes and can customize the size chart and stitching pattern as needed, subject to higher MOQs.
  • Custom Dying and Size Chart: Contact us to learn more about custom dying options and size chart (Performa) preparation or refer to "Our Services & Facilities" pages.
  • While exact quantities for custom colours varies, it is around the range of 150 PCs.
  • With Zipper: One Pocket Standard, two pockets extra Rs. 10

Material Details:

Cotton fleece with 300 GSM is a medium-weight fabric, which is suitable for winter wear like hoodies and sweatshirts. This fabric has excellent insulating properties and provides warmth in temperatures ranging from 20-40°F (-6 to 4°C). Apart from Cotton Fleece, we also have the capacity, to produce custom fabrics from a wide variety of materials for your needs.

  • Our Material:20s-30s combed cotton yarn, knitted to a 300 GSM Cotton Fleece fabric. Dyed & treated to reduce piling and increase longevity.
  • The fabric can be further treated with a range of silicon washes to give additional features to fabric as well.
  • Additional Material Options:240 GSM French Terry Fabric, with the use of this material, we can also allow low-quantities and many standard & popular color options.
  • We can even make hoodies in fabrics using Polyester Fleece, Poly-Cotton Blends, Sherpa Fleece, and Wool.


Actual sizes may vary by approximately +/- 0.5 inches, as per industry norms. You can customize the size chart as per your needs.

Chest : Measure around the entire T-shirt (front & back), place the tape close under the arms and make sure the tape is flat across the back.

Length :Measure from the size of the collar to the very bottom of the T-Shirt.


Size Chest Length Shoulder
S39in (98.5 cm)27.in (68.5cm)17in (43 cm)
M41in (103.5 cm)28in (71 cm)18in (46 cm)
L43in (108.5 cm)29in (73.5 cm)19in (48 cm)
XL46in (116 cm)30in (76 cm)20in (50 cm)
XXL48in (121 cm)31in (78.5 cm)21in (53 cm)


Other Details:

  • Stitching Features: Double needle stitch on the shoulder, reinforced stitching for long-lasting durability.
  • Fast Availability: We offer quick turnaround times to cater to your business needs
  • Pricing: Competitive pricing with reduced costs for larger orders
  • Wholesale Opportunities: We are actively seeking wholesalers across India and beyond.

The following are the options for customizations (apart from printing, embroidery & applique) that are easily available alongside Hoodies & Sweatshirt orders.

  • Zipper: Add a front zipper, allowing easy wear, at additional cost, not included.
  • Hoodie & Lace Colours: Customized to different colours, at minor additional costs.
  • Bottom Rib & Second Layer:Bottom Rib finish is included.
  • Pockets:Optional at minor extra charges, if any.

We are committed to delivering consistent quality, order our Hoodies & Sweatshirts or contact us in case you have any questions.

At Plakads Apparel, we specialize in creating high-quality, personalized apparel that is designed to meet the unique needs of businesses, brands, start-ups, corporates, retailers, and individuals. Our range of products, from regular t-shirts to crop tops, serve as a blank canvas for your brand's unique identity.

Printing, Embroidery & More

Our in-house printing capabilities include Direct-to-Film (DTF) Printing, Vinyl Printing, and Screen Printing. These diverse options allow us to tailor our products to fit your brand's unique identity, making them perfect for corporate houses, gifting, or retail sales. Discover more about our printing and fusing services.

Add a touch of sophistication to your apparel with our computerized embroidery services. Whether you require a simple logo or a complex design, our experts are equipped to deliver impeccable results, ideal for brands seeking to differentiate themselves in the market.

Finishing & Packaging

Every detail matters in branding. That's why we offer custom packaging solutions to ensure a consistent brand experience. From the garment to the packaging, we work with you to create a product that aligns with your brand's identity.

For businesses seeking a reliable partner in the apparel industry, we offer contract manufacturing services. We are the trusted choice for several prominent brands and industrial houses in India, offering our expertise to help you make the best choices for your brand.

  • For custom products, or major modifications beyond what is mentioned, contact our sales team.
  • For testing the product quality and getting a sample, click here
  • For detailed terms & conditions of purchase, please refer our General Agreement

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