Knitting & Dyeing

Computerized Knitting Machine

At Plakads Apparel, quality is our top priority. That's why we partner with reputable vendors to source the finest quality yarns suitable for the specific products we manufacture. Our skilled craftsmen oversee the knitting process at our partner facilities, utilizing cutting-edge machinery to produce high-quality fabric. We collaborate closely with these facilities to ensure an efficient process and the right fabric weight, texture, and quality.

Following the knitting process, we proceed to dyeing. Our partner facilities employ state-of-the-art dyeing machines for consistent results, vibrant colours, and long-lasting hues. We have stringent quality control measures to guarantee that the dyeing process is done correctly and the fabric meets our high standards.

For added value and durability, we offer enzyme wash/bio-wash options. These treatments break down the fabric fibres' surface, providing a soft and worn-in feel while adding a unique texture. Additionally, we have a range of silicon wash options, such as aroma and anti-spill, to add extra value and distinct characteristics to the fabric.

Our dedicated quality control team monitors the knitting and dyeing process, ensuring that each fabric batch meets our high standards. We perform multiple tests to confirm the fabric's weight, texture, colour, and unique features. At Plakads Apparel, our commitment to delivering top-quality products is evident in our knitting and dyeing processes and our value-added treatments. We strive to provide customers with unique and long-lasting apparel items.

At Plakads Apparel, we offer a wide range of custom color options beyond our wholesale color selections. Additionally, we provide additional treatments like aroma, anti-spill, and silicone wash to give your fabric unique characteristics. However, because of the nature of the process, MOQs are higher for custom orders. For regular customers, we try to go beyond and reduce these. You can contact us for more details via our Contact page, and you can also check the wide range of fabrics we have in stock on our Products page

The timeline for the knitting and dyeing process depends on the quantity and complexity of the order. A typical production schedule for fabrics is between 12-16 days, but this can vary based on the order.

Yes, we can provide you with a fabric brochure to check the quality, and if you want to conduct tests on finished goods, that can also be arranged. You can contact our team for more information via our Contact page.

At Plakads Apparel, we have a dedicated quality control team that oversees every stage of the knitting and dyeing process. We use advanced machines and experienced personnel to ensure that the fabric meets the required quality standards. Our fabric is tested via GSM machines to ensure correct specifications, and we use spectrometers to ensure color accuracy.