Sampling Service

T-Shirts Packed and Delivered

As part of our dedication to customer satisfaction, we strongly recommend trying out our samples. This provides you with an opportunity to experience the quality of our products, understand them better, and open up the possibility for future customization and collaboration.

At Plakads, we have dedicated space for sampling, allowing customers to concretely test their ideas, in stitching, printing & finishing. Kindly note, that while we try our level best to ensure samples reflect the quality of our orders, sampling terms are separate from order terms, for more details, refer to the FAQs below. The prices for the samples are non-negotiable and are mentioned below. Please note that fabric swatches and cuttings are available at no cost and can be delivered to you by post, talk to sales for the same.

Pricing for Samples:

  • 180 GSM Cotton Round Necks: Rs. 200 (Available in sizes XS - XXL and any color)
  • 210 GSM Tencel Round Necks: Rs. 300
  • 180 GSM Cotton Oversized T-Shirts: Rs. 250 (Available in sizes S - XL)
  • 240 GSM Cotton Oversized T-Shirts: Rs. 300 (Available in sizes S - XL)
  • Joggers & Tracks: Rs. 375
  • 180 GSM Cotton Collar T-Shirts: Rs. 250
  • 220 GSM Pique Collar T-Shirts: Rs. 300
  • 210 GSM Tencel Collar T-Shirts: Rs. 350
  • 180 GSM Full Sleeve T-Shirts: Rs. 300
  • 200 GSM Full Sleeve T-Shirts: Rs. 350
  • 180 GSM Crop Tops: Rs. 200
  • Kids T-Shirts & Rompers: Rs. 175
  • 300 GSM Cotton Fleece Hoodies: Rs. 500
  • 300 GSM Cotton Fleece Sweatshirts: Rs. 475

We're looking forward to your sample orders and are ready to assist you with any inquiries. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any additional information or assistance.


Yes, there is no minimum order quantity (MOQ) for samples, and you can order them as many times as needed.

Yes, for single sample orders above Rs. 4000, we can adjust the extra sample cost with your future orders. All rates include GST but exclude delivery charges.

Custom printing options, such as direct to file (DTF) and Vinyl printing, might be available in some cases. But mostly its designs from our design roster.

Yes, we offer custom size charts and even custom products for samples. Contact our sales team for rates on these.

We strive to fulfill your size and color preferences for sample orders, but please note that this is subject to availability. Samples cannot be returned as per our policy. However, fabric swatches are complimentary and can be ordered with or without sample products.